1. Allowed – Aloud

2. Flu – Flew

3. Fined – Find

4. Be – Bee

5. I – Eye

6. See – Sea

7. Four- For

8. Bare – Bear

9. Would – Wood

10. Sell – Cell

11. Nose – Knows

12. Sun – Son

13. Not – Knot

14. Year – Ear

15. Seen – Scene

Degrees of comparison

Positive       Camparative   Superlative

Good               Better               Best

Difficult       More difficult Most difficult

Tasty               Tastier               Tastiest

Beautiful More beautiful Most beautiful

Happy          Happier    Happiest

Bad               Worse       Worst

Many           More          Most         

Hot               Hotter        Hottest

Fine              Finer          Finest

Weak           Weaker       Weakest

Cold              Colder         Coldest

Fast              Faster           Fastest

Fat                Fatter           Fattest

Busy            Busier          Busiest

Lazy           Lazier          Laziest

Wide           Wider          Widest

Brave          Braver    Bravest                      

   📚📚Jyotsna Gangamma PN 📚📚

A picnic story

One day Dad,mom, Emily and her little brother Tim were all going for a picnic. When they were on the way they bumped into muddy puddle and their car was full of mess because of the puddle and they all felt very sad. They went back home and washed their car. Dad said,”we are going again.I don’t want to spoil our picnic”.Mom said I will drive this time and dad agreed. When mom was driving the car,they bumped into the muddy puddle once again.

🚗🚗Jyotsna Gangamma PN 🚗🚗

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